This following article will teach you the basics of the playing violin.


You will learn it:

  • How to prepare yourself to play
  • How to read violin music

Step 1: What you need

To play the violin, you need the following things:

A violin. (A decent violin usually costs upwards of $ 800, so I recommend finding a friend or teacher with a violin that you can borrow or just find some violins for toddlers which will be cheaper than others.)

A bow. (The bow is not always with the violin, and can also cost hundreds of dollars.) I hope if you lend or rent a violin will be an arc part of the deal.

A shoulder rest. (Here the violin will be held between neck and shoulder.) Since a violin is not shaped to fit that part of the body, that helps violinists be able to play more and have a better sound overall.)

Rosin. (This is a sticky resin that is made from different trees and plants that helps the bow sound when it comes into contact with a violin string.)

A music stand. (You need something to put on your music!) Most music loader booths are relatively inexpensive. If you are not able to find a booth, I suggest other household items on a table or shelf with your music too Support.

* All these things can be obtained from a local or online music store. *

Step 2: Preparing to play

Construction of the violin:

  1. Remove the violin and bow from the case.
  2. Place the shoulder rest on the back of the violin. When using a sponge, use rubber bands to secure it.
  3. Tighten the bow. Use the screw at the end of the bow; pull the hair of the bow. The hair should be from the wood of the bow away over the width of your little fingers.
  4. Rub the rosin up and down along the arch hair. This should take about ten seconds to get a new arc. In this case, it will take you about a minute.